"They named a brandy after Napoleon, they made a herring out of Bismarck,and Hitler is going to end up as a piece of cheese."



Short films – insges. 64 Min: POPSTAR do cantor e compositor DOM / Cinema é Cachoeira / Cinema Mudo / Fobia / Quase / Perceptual Motion

POPSTAR do cantor e compositor DOM
BR 2014, R: Sabrina Fidalgo, 3 Min, OmeU
The Samba decided to call me. O samba mandou me chamar.

Cinema é Cachoeira
BR 2017, R: Cavi Borges mit Patricia Niedermeier, 9 Min, OmeU - Schauspielerin zu Gast
Film/Essay on a famous phrase by Brazilian filmmaker Pioneer Humberto Mauro: "- CINEMA É CACHOEIRA!” (Cinema is a waterfall)
Filme ensaio sobre a celebre frase do cineasta brasileiro pioneiro Humberto Mauro: "- CINEMA É CACHOEIRA!”

Cinema Mudo
BR 2012, R: Sabrina Fidalgo mit Luana Nascimento, Sabrina Fidalgo, Arthur Schmidt, 15 Min, OmeU
Giulietta, a young woman, is an obsessive user of smartphones, computers and social networks, spending most of her time immersed in those devices. One day, she realizes that her lifestyle may have pushed her away from life itself.


Cinema Mudo ("Silent Film") a short film by Sabrina Fidalgo - Teaser from Felipe Romano on Vimeo.

Giulietta, uma jovem que é uma grande utilizadora de smartphones, computadores e redes sociais, passa a maior parte de seu tempo imersa nesses dispositivos. Certo dia, ela percebe que seu estilo de vida pode ter afastado-a da vida, em si.

BR 2003, R: Thiago Moyses mit Joabe Coelho, 11 Min, OmeU - Regisseur zu Gast.
A lonely man is afraid to get out of his apartment because someone is pursuing him. Um homem solitário tem medo de sair do apartamento porque alguém o persegue.

Quase [Almost]
BR 2011, R: Gilney Maia mit André Basit, 18 Min, OmeU
A simple, banal gesture can trigger a sequence of events beyond control. Um simples gesto banal pode desencadear uma sequência de acontecimentos que fogem do controle.

Perceptual Motion
BR 2014, R: Klaus Lucka mit Bayard Tonelli, Kiko Guarabyra, 8 Min, OmeU
While Working on Panoramic Compositions of Swan Lake, Performed By Les Ballets De Monte-Carlo, Lucka Found He Was Missing the Feeling of Live Performance — The Sense, The Beauty of The Dancers Motions. He Was Inspired To Take The Next Step, Enhancing The Motion By Adding Trails, First By Adding Layers Of The Same Video And Moving Each Video Layer By One Frame. Thus, A New Art Form Was Born. Lucka’s New Installation Combines, Large Scale Photography And New Experimental Dance Videos (Including Les Ballets De Monte-Carlo) Highlighting The Interactive Experience Through Which The Viewer Can Take On The Role Of Choreographer.

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