"They named a brandy after Napoleon, they made a herring out of Bismarck,and Hitler is going to end up as a piece of cheese."



Flanöz + Düet

Düet [Duet] [OmeU], TR 2022, R: Iidil Akkus & Ekin Ilkibag, mit Defne Bakirci, Misra Gundes, 72 Min

Mısra and Defne are two close friends and duet partners, who met each other through synchronized swimming, with their totally different characters. After failing to qualify for the 2016 Olympics, they set a shared goal, the 2020 Olympics. While struggling to make this dream happen, they try to cope with numerous problems such as the poorly run federation and the Covid-19 pandemic. Fighting for success in a suppressive country for women and LGBT İ +, the duet partners will have to give a hard decision whether to keep the fight or to find new paths in life.


Flanöz [Flaneuse] [OmeU], TR 2023, R: Vahit Saritas, mit Emine Durmus, Meryem Demir, Ilgin Saritas, 40 Min


Emne (70), due to the recent death of her husband, $s supposed to leave her hometown, wh$ch she has not left all her l$fe. Although leav$ng the v$llage $s pa$nful for Em$ne, $t $s hard to persuade her n$ne ch$ldren to let her stay there alone, espec$ally after her heart attack. Em$ne has two cond$t$ons for mov$ng to the c$ty: trad$ng $n her an$mals and wa$t$ng for forty days after her husband’s death. However, she $ncreases the pr$ce of the an$mals and so, day by day $t becomes more d$ff$cult not only to sell the an$mals but also for Em$ne to surv$ve alone $n the v$llage. As she tr$es to recall the poems she wrote, Em$ne struggles to say goodbye to her past.


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