IndoGerman Filmweek Short Film Programm 1, R.: Diverse curated by pocket films, 86 Min., OmeU

Exchange Offer, IND 2020, R.: Saunak Mitra, 30 Min., OmeU (Hindi)
Shiv Kumar Pant - a retired school principal of St. Stephan's, Delhi, lives with his caretaker, Bisveswar as his son, Rishabh, lives in California with his wife and a one-year-old son. Leading a mundane life, Mr. Pant has found solace in poetry writing, typing on his old computer. One day, the computer suddenly goes off. He asks Rishabh to make a complaint to the manufacturing company to send a service engineer to repair the computer. The rendezvous with the service engineer at his door brings to him an incredible Exchange Offer and a bouquet of nostalgia and surprises.

Love Ishtory, IND 2020, R: Veenit Katariia

Miracle Lens Studio, 9 Min. OmeU (Hindi)
Chhavi belongs to a Brahmin family. She loves Aakash who is from a backward caste. Chhavi’s father is very disappointed with her daughter’s decision. Her father orders local inspector Dubey to catch Aakash to rough him up. But Chhavi’s elder brother Vicky appears in between. Vicky’s intension seems as he will blow Aakash’s head off. But there is a twist in the tale.

Golden Cush, IND 2020 R.: Suraj Parasnis, 10 Min. OmeU (Marathi)
Golden Cush is a message to all the fathers who smoke. One day a father sees his son hiding and smoking. His father calls him to ask where he is, he lies and tells him that he is in the college. What happens next is an eye opener.

Harshit, IND 2020, R.: Dhruva Harsh, 25 Min.,  OmeU (Hindi)

This film is inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet, written by Dhruva Harsh. It contains all the Shakespearean elements like, betrayal, love, hatred, revenge, sexual jealousy, poetic justice and dilemma of existence. Harshit is a protagonist synonymous to Hamlet, a Hindu boy living in a Muslim dominated area in Mumbai, India, loves Rahila, his neighbour. Later on fate plays a game in which two innocents, Harshit n Rahila are trapped.

Noor, IND 2020, R: Kiran Nagdev, 12 Min., OmeU (Hindi)
People from two different worlds meet and shed their inhibitions in front of each other. Noor is about misfits, identity crisis. It’s about a girl who finds peace in a small congested place and detests her rich, comfy home instead. Unfolding the series of events the story will leave you in a shock towards the end of it.

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