"They named a brandy after Napoleon, they made a herring out of Bismarck,and Hitler is going to end up as a piece of cheese."



The Sanctity of Space, USA 2021, R: Renan Ozturk mit Renan Ozturk, Freddie Wilkinson, 102 Min, OV

More than eighty years after Brad Washburn first photographed Denali in Alaska, climbing buddies Renan Ozturk and Freddie Wilkinson look at some of Washburns images and have this crazy idea: rather than go up, their dream is to go sideways, across the so-called Tooth Traverse across the ranges most forbidding peaks, the Mooses Tooth massif. Its a decidedly new school way to explore the same landscape Washburn first discovered. As they pioneer the route over the course of two expeditions, enduring freezing bivouacs, cut ropes, and rockfall along the way, their desire to be the first to complete the audacious line grows into an obsession.



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