"They named a brandy after Napoleon, they made a herring out of Bismarck,and Hitler is going to end up as a piece of cheese."



Berlin Sci-fi: Short Films 4, insges. 93 min

INHUMAN LOVE (Music Video) Taiwan 2019, 6:00min; Ungbi and non-human friends (Drama) Korea 2020, 17:35min; Across the Bridge (Animation) Canada 2020, 5:06min; Roughneck (Military Drama) USA 2019, 14:12min; Bodyhackers (Comedy) USA 2019, 7:25min; Alice 404 (Experimental) UK 2019, 8:00min; LOOP (Drama) Canada 2020, 13:05min; HOOD: A Star Wars Story (Fan Film) USA 2019, 6:17min; Instant Doctor (Action) USA 2020, 6:40min; The Game (Drama) Australia 2020, 9:00

all Films in OV (English without subtitles) or OmeU (Originalversion with english subtitles)

INHUMAN LOVE (Climate Change Music Video) Taiwan 2019, 6:00min
Director: Adam Hayes

Our story is a jarring metaphor about saving our vulnerable planet, before we run out of time.

Ungbi and non-human friends (Drama) Korea 2020, 17:35min
Director: Damin KIM
German Premiere

Ungbi, in need of a playmate, and an unidentified creature covered in black fur. The relationship between these two, who were 'human' and 'non-human animal', gradually reverses.

Across the Bridge (Animation) Canada 2020, 5:06min
Director: Alisha Steinberger, Chao Goody Wu

Two siblings, who have grown apart, bond again through an epic video game battle, bridging the gap in their relationship!

Roughneck (Military Drama) USA 2019, 14:12min
Director: Andrew Hardaway
German premiere

Roughneck is a mind-bending exploration of memory and consciousness. In the near future, mankind lives in a world where advanced technology removes negative emotions from the human experience and replaces them with a vision of a perfect human existence. But when a decorated soldier loses his wife, he finds himself experiencing something that shouldn’t be possible... pain. After he can no longer hide his grief from the world, he is targeted as a dangerous outlier, who may hold the fate of society in his hands.

Bodyhackers (Comedy) USA 2019, 7:25min
Director: Dale Metz, TL Westgate
German premiere

A father/daughter camping trip takes a turn for the worse!

Alice 404 (Experimental) UK 2019, 8:00min
Director: Kate Graham
German premiere

In the near future, a teenager uses an app to play back her memories, ignoring the call and texts of concerned friends.

LOOP (Drama) Canada 2020, 13:05min
Director: Stuart Langfield

A short sci-fi film set in the middle of the 21st century, that centres around reclusive, retired tech company CEO David Hinton's attempts to teach AI how to experience and process true human emotions.

HOOD: A Star Wars Story (Fan Film) USA 2019, 6:17min
Director: Damon Wellner

A tragically comedic look at the back-story of one of the Star Wars universe's favorite background character.

Instant Doctor (Action) USA 2020, 6:40min
Director: Youth and Diogo Gameiro

What will the future of healthcare hold? Will algorithms eclipse doctors entirely? We hope not. Instant doctor is a short film to show appreciation for doctors and healthcare human workers everywhere.

The Game (Drama) Australia 2020, 9:00
Director: Campbell J Smith

Two men are locked in a room and only one can leave alive. Both signed up to be here as they both feel that they have nothing left to lose.

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