"They named a brandy after Napoleon, they made a herring out of Bismarck,and Hitler is going to end up as a piece of cheese."



Berlin Sci-fi: Short Films 5 - insges: 88 min -

Employee 515 (Drama) Canada 2020, 6:00min; If you love her, let her go (Comedy) France 2020, 6:17min; Skywatch (Action) USA 2019, 10:00min;Epirenov. (Animation) Argentina 2019, 15:00min; G A B R I E L (Drama) Spain 2020, 19:58min; Exhibit Man (Comedy) Canada 2019, 28:00min; No Boundary (Drama) Canada 2020, 4:46min

all Films in OV (English without subtitles) or OmeU (Originalversion with english subtitles)

Employee 515 (Drama) Canada 2020, 6:00min
Director: Zikang Chen

Employee 515 lives and works at his office adhering to the same routine everyday.

If you love her, let her go (Comedy) France 2020, 6:17min
Director Biography - Ilan Zerrouki

We are giving birth to the monsters of tomorrow!

Skywatch (Action) USA 2019, 10:00min
Director: Colin Levy

When two outcast teens hack into a ubiquitous drone delivery system to pull a prank on their neighbor, they accidentally crash-land a dangerous prototype and find themselves entangled in a life-and-death conspiracy.

Epirenov. (Animation) Argentina 2019, 15:00min
Director: Alejandro Ariel Martin

Epirenov is the last inhabitant on Earth. He monotonously walks around the empty desert in search of pieces necessary to build a partner. In one of his usual tours he discovers an artifact that will change his world.

G A B R I E L (Drama) Spain 2020, 19:58min
Director: Pierfrancesco Artini
German Premiere

Agatha is struck by her husband's death. She feels old and lonely, yet she starts to experience unexpected sexual desires that would lead her to buy the ultimate version of a male sex robot, Gabriel. Will she find happiness?

Exhibit Man (Comedy) Canada 2019, 28:00min
Director: Trevor Mirosh

A police forensic photographer known as the exhibit man discovers an alien has infected some town folk.

No Boundary (Drama) Canada 2020, 4:46min
Director: Tom Belding

After drifting off course for weeks, an astronaut receives a final radio transmission before being pulled towards a black hole.

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