"They named a brandy after Napoleon, they made a herring out of Bismarck,and Hitler is going to end up as a piece of cheese."



Berlin Sci-fi: Short Films 1

Ben, Frankly (Comedy) DE 2020, 8:45min

Director: Ahmet Tan

Harrison, a college professor, loves history and today he gets the chance to pitch his film idea: “The life of Benjamin Franklin” to a producer. Caesar, the producer, however is not impressed. He points out giant plot holes and is about to lose faith when Harrison comes up with the idea that keeps him in the room and gets them both bitten by the movie making bug.

Star Wars: Origins (Action Adventure Fan Film) UK 2019, 20:00min
Director: Phil Hawkins

Two archaeologists make an amazing discovery that has the power to unite the World during a critical moment in history - if they're not silenced first.

Life Support (VR Assisted Suicide) USA 2020, 8:18min
Director: Shayan Ebrahim

In the near future, coma patients will be able to choose their own fate thanks to advancements in brain scanning and virtual reality. An insurance agent with little regard for human life must come to terms with the gravity of her job and what it means to have empathy.

David’s Deer by Drezden (Music Video) Belarus 2020, 4:01min
Director: Vladimir Nefedov

A futuristic journey through parallel worlds, where the question is, Is there a chance to return to the starting point? Fictional reality, aliens and cartoon characters, as well as references to the Hollywood films of the 60 to 90s complete this extravaganza.

Oxygen (Survival Animation) Belgium 2020, 10:32min
Director: Rocky Grispen and Violette Belzer

On a far away planet, home to Bobtors, an astronaut-doctor suffers from a lack of oxygen. To survive she has to pay the highest price as a human and as a doctor…?

End Point (Time Travel Action) UK 2019, 6:00min
Director: Rafael Cortes

Fighter pilot Avner travels back in time to prevent the assassination of his wife Eva but they become trapped in a causal loop.

(Dys)Functional (Robot Drama) Poland 2020, 12:41min
Director: Adam Nowak

In the near future humanism is lost by a need for profit. People lose their jobs and are replaced by intelligent androids. A frustrated official is sent to fix a modern Robot (Eva) who’s ceased going to workplace. Adrian’s job is to find the fault and fix it… But nothing is that easy.

Three Pills (Social Drama) Finland 2020, 2:33min
Director: Christian Wenger

In the year 2050, the system provides three pills to every elderly person, to be taken on their 70th birthday.

FREYA (Dystopian Drama) Canada     2020, 17:00min
Director: Camille Hollett-French
German premiere

Jade is a happy professional who enjoys her friendship with FREYA - her Federally Regulated Enquiry and Yield Assistant. But when her smart-toilet tells Jade she is pregnant from a one-night stand, her world is thrown into chaos.

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