Švankmajer: Kurzfilme III, 72 Min, OmeU & No Dialogue

Leonardo´s diary [Leonardův deník]
CZ, IT 1972, R: Jan Švankmajer, 10 Min, No Dialogue
Animated drawings inspired by Leonardo da Vinci are intercut with seemingly unrelated (but in fact strangely similar) live-action scenes.

The Castle of Otranto [Otranský zámek]
CZ 1973, R: Jan Švankmajer, 17 Min, OmeU
“The Castle of Otranto” is animation/short/mockumentary based on “The Castle of Otranto”, a 1764 novel by Horace Walpole, the first Gothic novel. The novel takes place in Otranto in southern Italy. In Jan Svankmajer’s mocumentary, the amateur archaeologist Dr Vozáb has set to prove that the supernatural ghost love story takes place not in Italy but in Otranto Castle near Nachod in Czechoslovakia.

Fall of the Usher´s House [Zánik domu Usherů]
CZ 1980, R: Jan Švankmajer, 15 Min, OmeU
In this animated version of Edgar Allan Poe's story, a traveller arrives at the Usher mansion to find that the sibling inhabitants are living under a mysterious family curse: The brother's senses have become painfully acute, while his sister has become nearly catatonic. As the visitor's stay at the mansion continues, the effects of the curse reach their terrifying climax, and he must choose between his concern for his hosts' safety, and his own.

Dimensions of Dialogue [Možnosti dialogu]
CZ 1982, R: Jan Švankmajer, 11 Min, No Dialogue
Three surreal depictions of failures of communication that occur on all levels of human society.

Down to the Cellar [Do sklepa]
CZ 1982, R: Jan Švankmajer, 14 Min, No Dialogue
A little girl goes down to the basement cellar to fetch some potatoes, and finds all her hidden fears about the cellar depicted in animated form.

The Pendulum, the Pit and Hope [Kyvadlo-Jama-Naděje]
CZ 1983, R: Jan Švankmajer, 15 Min, OmeU
A horrifying, surrealist version of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Pit and the Pendulum" directed by the masterful animator Jan Svankmajer.


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