Švankmajer: Kurzfilme III,  , 78 Min, No Dialogue, OmeU, English

Picnic with Weismann [Picnick mit Weismann]
AT 1969, R: Jan Švankmajer, 13 Min, No Dialogue
Various objects are having a sunny outing together in the nature.

A Quiet Week in the House [Tichý týden v domě]
CZ 1969, R: Jan Švankmajer, 13 Min, No Dialogue
A man, apparently on the run, takes shelter in a dilapidated house. Every day, he drills a hole through a wall and looks into one of the rooms, each time seeing a different surreal vision...

Don Juan [Don Šajn]
CZ 1970, R: Jan Švankmajer, 30 Min, OmeU
The age-old story of Don Juan, played by giant puppets.

The Ossuary [Kostnice]
CZ 1970, R: Jan Švankmajer, 10 Min, OmeU
A non-narrative voyage round Sedlec Ossuary, which has been constructed from over 50,000 human skeletons (victims of the Black Death).

Jaberwocky [Žvahlav aneb šatičky slaměného Huberta]
CZ 1971, R: Jan Švankmajer, 12 Min, English
Lewis Carroll's poem is read and followed by a free-form animated depiction of images and toys from childhood, repeatedly overturned by a live cat.

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