Švankmajer: Kurzfilme I,    86 Min, No Dialogue & OmeU

The Last Trick [Poslední trik Pana Schwarzewaldea a Pana Edgara]
CZ 1964, R: Jan Švankmajer, 10 Min, No Dialogue

Two magicians, Mr. Schwarzwald and Mr. Edgar, try to outdo each other in performing elaborate magic tricks, leading to a violent ending.

Spiel mit Steinen / A Game with Stones [Hra s kameny]
AT 1965, R: Jan Švankmajer, 8 Min, No Dialogue

Stones of different shapes and colors live and die together.


J.S. Bach Fantasia g moll
CZ 1965, R: Jan Švankmajer, 8 Min, No Dialogue

A man plays the Bach piece of the title on the organ, accompanied by images of stone walls with cracks and holes that grow and shrink, intercut with images of doors and wire-meshed windows.

Et cetera
CZ 1966, R: Jan Švankmajer, 8 Min, No Dialogue

A small, animated figure learns how to use a whip, a pair of wings and a house.

The Flat [Byt]
CZ 1968, R: Jan Švankmajer, 13 Min, No Dialogue

A nondescript man is trapped in a sinister flat, where nothing seems to obey the laws of nature.



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