"They named a brandy after Napoleon, they made a herring out of Bismarck,and Hitler is going to end up as a piece of cheese."



Doc.Berlin 2021

Documentary Film Festival

13 - 16 DEC 2021

Truth: Stranger than Fiction. Facts aren’t always facts, and “alternative facts” don't always lie. In a world where “truth” is carefully curated, filtered, and viewed through the lens of social media, often the only difference between truth and fiction lies in the perspective through which one views the world.

Documentary films offer a fascinating peephole into a particular reality, at a certain time of a certain person's life. Whether in the form of an expository, a poem, an essay, an observational piece, whether it's dramatized, animated, or based on interviews, documentary films all have a message to send.

How can we make a difference in the world? Documentary films are not just an avenue through which we can observe real life; they also serve to inform, educate, and critique. They are valuable creations in a day and age where media is increasingly curated and so much more homogenous.

That is why Doc.Berlin welcomes all of the above forms of documentary film-making, and even more so, those that transcend boundaries to move fluidly between one and more styles. Ours is an annual film festival featuring work from around the world by up and coming artists, showcasing innovative independent cinema with all selected films inviting viewers to learn and ponder.

To inspire, motivate, and award new talent, the Doc.Berlin film festival will take place at the historic Babylon Berlin Cinema. The Babylon is a cinema in the Mitte neighborhood of Berlin and part of a listed building complex at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz opposite to the Volksbühne. The building was erected 1928/29 according to plans of architect Hans Poelzig, which is regarded as typical of its construction period, Neue Sachlichkeit.

Join us at the Babylon on December 13-16 2021.

Doc.Berlin is part of Doc.World, a new global network of Documentary Film Festivals, with festivals in London, Berlin, Ghent and Boston. As a celebration of the cinematic and visual arts, these documentary festivals will bring diverse international films to our community and showcase the best regional and international filmmakers.

Länge: 112 min.

Doc.Berlin 2021 (Documentary Film Festival): Lumen, CA 2019, R: Sarah Seené, 2min, OmeU; Performer/Darsteller, DE 2018, R: Jannis Alexander Kiefer, 15 min, OmeU; Luca (M/W/D), DE 2019, R: Hannah Schwaiger und Ricarda Funnemann, 7min, OmeU; House Calls/Hausbesuche, DE 2018, R: Anne Münch, 88 min, OmeU.

Total length: 112 min

Länge: 116 min.

Doc.Berlin 2021 (Documentary Film Festival): Inventory of Time, BR 2018, R: Khalil Charif, 1min, OmeU; My Own Landscapes, FR 2020, R: Antoine Chapon, 19 min, OmeU; Ugoku Tokai - Moving City, DE 2020, R: Lars Ostmann, 96min, OmeU.

Total length: 116 min

Länge: 110 min.

Doc.Berlin 2021 (Documentary Film Festival): American Express, DE 2019, R: Häly Heinecker, 7 min, OV; Pacific, LBN 2019, R: Angie Obeid, 23 min, OmeU; Forgive And Not To Forgive, HK 2019, R: Elysa Wendi, 6 min, OmeU; Neighbors, HR 2018, R: Tomislav Zaja, 74 min, OmeU

Total length: 110 min

Länge: 116 min.

Doc.Berlin 2021 (Documentary Film Festival): Gen Tree, IL 2020, R: Ronni Shalev, Alon Sharabi, Hod Adler, 3 min, OmeU; Under the Ashoka Tree, BE 2020, R: Jialai Wang, 19 min, OmeU; A New Shift, CZ 2020, R: Jindřich Andrš, 94 min, OmeU.

Total length: 116 min

Länge: 115 min.

Doc.Berlin 2021 (Documentary Film Festival): Kaxa Marca, PE 2019, R: Mariel Sosa, 4 min, OmeU; 9 Degrees, US 2019, R: Kalim Armstrong und Demetre Papapgeorgiou, 13 min, OV; Hotel Stadt Altona, DE 2019, R: Sophia Schachtner, 5 min, OmeU; Changing LA, US 2020, R: Andrea Fiorentini Del Río, 4 min, OmeU; Holy Land, CH 2020, R: Lea Bloch, 12 min, OmeU; Glassy Stares, TUR 2020, R: Ridvan Karaman, 26 min, OmeU; mySELFie, DE 2019, R: Anne Scheschonk, 51 min, OmeU.

Total length: 115 min

Länge: 115 min.

Doc.Berlin 2021 (Documentary Film Festival): Celentano's Seasickness, IT 2021, R: Saverio Cappiello, 12 min, OmeU; The Daydreamers, UK 2020, R: Thomas Renckens, 33 min, OV; God's Children, ES 2020, R: Ekain Irigoien, 70 min, OmeU

Total length: 115 min

Länge: 111 min.

Doc.Berlin 2021 (Documentary Film Festival): Pandemia, HK 2019, R: Yiannis Biliris, 4 min, OmeU; Displacement, PL 2019, R: Jacek Jędrzejczak, 7 min, OmeU; Porta Chiusa, IT 2020, R: Michele Gallone und Christian Marsiglia, 20 min, OmeU; Neighbors/Nachbarn, DE 2019, R: Pary El-Qalqili und Christiane Schmidt, 25 min, OmeU; The Scroll Of The Prophet Isaiah, CA 2019, R: Jake Kovnat, 3 min, OmeU; Good Girls Don't Get Beaten, BLR 2019, R: Halina Adamovich, 52 min, OmeU.
Total length: 111 min

Länge: 116 min.

Doc.Berlin 2021 (Documentary Film Festival): *** (Fish), PL 2019, R: Filip Bojarski, 2 min, OmeU; Blessing in Disguise, DE 2021, R: Kevin Koch, Emma Holzapfel, 5 min, OmeU; Generation 328, BY 2020, R: Veranika Nikanava, 19 min, OmeU; Boy from the Blaze, ES 2021, R: Ignacio Acconcia, 90 min, OmeU

Total length: 116 min

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