"They named a brandy after Napoleon, they made a herring out of Bismarck,and Hitler is going to end up as a piece of cheese."



NG 2017, R: Asurf Oluseyi mit Toyin Aimakhu-Johnson, Seyilaw, Ali Nuhu,; 99 Min, OmU (englisch)

11.09. 20:00, 18.09. 19:30 mit Q&A mit Regisseur Asurf Oluseyi in Kooperation mit Africavenir, 21.09. 20:00

Der Uni-Absolvent Akande kämpft in der nigerianischen Metropole Lagos darum, eine ehrliche Anstellung zu finden.

Er hängt sich sogar ein Plakat mit einem Jobgesuch um den Hals – alles vergeblich. Dass er bei seiner ständig nörgelnden Schwester Yewande lebt, macht die Situation auch nicht besser. Doch eines Tages erzählt Akandes Freund Ibrahim ihm von neuen Möglichkeiten in Kaduna, fernab von Lagos, im Norden Nigerias. Akande muss sich entscheiden: Soll er die Stadt verlassen mit der Hoffnung auf ein freies, selbstbestimmtes Leben?

Abseits vom klassischen Nollywood-Kino erzählt HAKKUNDE die Geschichte vieler nigerianischer Absolventen und thematisiert mit leichter Hand auch die kulturellen, religiösen und sprachlichen Unterschiede zwischen dem Norden und Süden des Landes. HAKKUNDE ist Nigerias erster durch eine Crowdfunding-Kampagne geförderter Spielfilm.



„Asurf Oluseyi's debut feature film ‘Hakkunde,’ is as emotional as it is entertaining with an inspiring story, appluadable performances, shots and music. … ‘Hakkunde’ is one of the very few films that convincingly portray the struggle of a job hunting graduate and what they face daily to survive.” (pulse.org) “The screenplay … is chock-full of weighty themes that could easily have given the film some leaden weight. Instead, it floats like a butterfly and stings with precision, managing to fight the system yet endorse the ruggedness and beauty of same.” (ynaija.com) He has two options.

To stay and be slayed, or to flee and be free? How long would he run? How far would he go? How many more troubles would he run into? Who, really, is this jobless Akande? Find out! Hakkunde is an intriguing story of a young graduate who battles everything (including love, family, discrimination, drug abuse, culture, tradition and self) on his journey to self discovery and actualization. The story is characterized by actions and reactions that defines the everyday Nigerian society, with its ups and downs and with a particular focus on the life of a job hunting graduate “Akande” who found himself in totality while searching for a job, and a better life.

The script tells a story of the identity of an average Nigerian graduate’s struggle for an identity and livelihood. It highlights the merits of steadfastness, humility and self denial and also espouses the gains of harnessing opportunities, delimiting the much much celebrated mediocrity of high handedness, and divulging the demerits of pride, greed and inconsistency. Director Amuwa Asurf Oluseyi is a self-taught award winning Filmmaker.

He was featured on Google African Connected Campaign which run across Africa and CNN respectively for an inspiration to young Africans taking advantage if internet in learning their skills and building careers for themselves. Oluseyi has trained over 20 individuals on the “Art of Filmaking and Editing” and has successfully built one of the biggest independent production houses in Nigeria, “Asurf Films”. He has produced and directed hundreds of short comedy. Black Panther R: Ryan Coogle mit Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Martin Freeman, Forest Whitaker, 134 Min, OmU

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