"They named a brandy after Napoleon, they made a herring out of Bismarck,and Hitler is going to end up as a piece of cheese."



IndoGerman Filmweek Short Film Programm 2, R.: Diverse curated by pocket films, 92 Min., OmeU

Kurzfilmprogramm 2 / Short Film Program 2 curated by Pocket Films, India:
Parada, IND 2020, R.: Vikrant Sawant, 13 Min., OmeU (Marathi)
An illustration of how the Creator balances everything in nature, the short film 'Pardon' depicts an inflammatory reality.

Soch, IND 2020, R.: Sumit Kumar, 17 Min., OmeU (Hindi)
Ghanshyam is a miseravle man. Nothing seems to be going right for  him. His wife is always fighting with him, he doesn't like his job and it feels like the universe is out to get him. Until things get even worse.

Harmless IND 2020, R: Vishesh Mankal, 20 Min., OmeU (Hindi)
A boy down on his luck. A girl looking for thrills. A plot is hatched. A kidnapping is staged. As far as crimes go, this one seems harmless. But, as with all things, there is a price to pay. A hefty price. Harmless begins as a crime-thriller and develops into a dramatic adventure with a little bit of romance thrown in.

Saturday Nights, IND 2020, R.: Shibu Sable, 15 Min., OmeU (Hindi)
Vishwas is a middle-aged widower staying on his own in an apartment in Mumbai. It is evident that he has no one in his life. On a Saturday evening, Vishwas dresses up in nice clothes and sets out to meet someone. Some residents in his society notice him and one of them claims that Vishwas is a decadent man, who goes to the red-light area every weekend to have sex. But is Vishwas that kind of a person what society members think?

Nazariya, IND 2020, R: Rishil Joshi, 6 Min., OmeU (Hindi)
Nazariya literally means perspective. One of the biggest ills of society today is the way women are objectified by men. Passing lewd comments, sexually harassing women, indulging in gender discrimination; these are things men get away with all the time. This short film portrays what can happen when men are shown a mirror to their misogynistic behaviour in the most unexpected and embarassing manner.

Chaar Pandrah, IND 2020, R.: Saif Pandrah, 21 Min., OmeU (Hindi)
Joy is waiting at a bus stop for his elder brother. Debashish comes and sits beside Joy. As the discussion goes on it is revealed that Debashish used to serve the Indian Army and presently he is going to New Delhi to bring his wife back. Debashish gets frustrated to know when Joy tells him that the ticket he has is for tomorrow not for today. Joy requested him to go to his house for a night stay and promises him that he will take him back to the bus stop tomorrow at the right time. After consistent efforts from Joy, he agrees to go to Joy's house. When Joy takes Debashish to his house, Sarika opens the door. They had dinner and chat at night. The next morning, Debashish finds Sarika with him on the bed. He feels guilty as Joy did a great favor for him. What exactly happened that day?


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